The ITAIND Story

ITAIND TECH PVT. LTD. aims to build a strategic alliance between Italian and Indian
professional experiences for the production of software applications and business management platforms focused on the topic of human resources training and work.

From a cultural point of view, this stimulates synergies among two millennial civilizations facing each other. The contact points among the Italian and Indian civilizations are perhaps greater than they might seem at first glance. Gregory David Roberts wrote in Shantaram: "The Indians are the Italians of Asia and the Italians are the Indians of Europe. Both are a people of Our Lady - they need a goddess, even when it doesn't exist in religion.

In both countries, a happy man is a singer, and a woman a dancer when she walks to the corner store. For both, food is the music of the body, and music is the food of the heart. The language of India and the language of Italy make every man a poet, of every banality a masterpiece. They are nations where love makes a Borsalino knight at the corner of the street, and a princess a peasant, even if only for the split second in which her eyes meet yours.“
We are confident that the synergy between the two cultural contexts will enable the best expression of Italian creativity and design qualities and the technical and implementation qualities of the Indian developers. 

The Italian professional context leads with its solid organizational and content skills: skills in design and communication, with the ability to direct the overall technical and graphics layout choices towards uniquely Italian originality and recognisability; all qualities essential to the development of the business model that we will propose. The Indian professional context leverages upon the technical ability of Indian professionals: strong and updated in technical preparation that originates from a focus IT engineering educational system. This will represent the engine capable of imparting the necessary acceleration to obtain the range of products/services that will make up the core business of ITAIND TECH PVT. LTD.
A new world scenario is what we see today: a globalized society, always connected and with a high speed of innovation. As in previous industrial revolutions, it is no longer a question of additive innovation, rather of a creative force for new social and economic models. In this scenario, Italian SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) are at risk of irremediable delay. Cifa Italia, the trade association that represents thousands of Italian SMEs, has decided to pursue the ITAIND TECH PVT. LTD. project to strengthen the companies’ competitiveness.

Our Vision


Empowering and channeling the expression of Small and Mid Sized companies’ organizational and human capital innovation through the design, development, and management of digital era software tools springing from Italian and Indian professional cultural integrations.

Our Mission


ITAIND TECH PVT. LTD VISION is going to be reached through activities focusing on three main areas of development leveraging upon the articulated needs, experiences, and activities of thousands of Italian SMEs connected to the Cifa Italia trade association:
  • Digital platforms for training organizations
  • Digital platforms for Small and Mid Sized companies wanting to implement their own training processes
  • Digital platform relevant to a training CIFA academy

Our Values


The effectiveness of synergic integration of Indian and Italian cultural perspectives is represented by Indian frugal engineering principles that match Italian heritage values to operationally develop innovation:

more with less

maximize the overall utilization of resources available.

everything about the business simple

focus on maintaining things simple to follow and understand.

your hearth

make sure to consistently generate and maintain a sense of involvement and passion on daily and strategic activities

opportunity in adversity

We're a team of makers, thinkers,
explorers, and theatre singers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation.

and act flexibly

within a structured organizational framework, flexibility represents
the fuel of effectiveness

the margins for insights

make sure to keep any development concretely useful by seeking and paying attention to insights coming from operational fields